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Here is how it works:

1) Instructor - incorporates the Foundation Course into the curriculum of their class.

2) Students:

  • purchase it like a book (from our website)
  • take the online course in parallel with the in-class curriculum
  • will be prepared to pitch their business to judges/investors (like on Shark Tank)

This FREE mini-course includes:
  1. Case studies
  2. Getting Started Guide
  3. Report - on our course delivers value

Your Instructor

Jason Tagler
Jason Tagler

Jason Tagler founded Pitch Creator in 2014 to create jobs in the Baltimore area by helping entrepreneurs learn how to communicate with investors and lenders to raise capital for their businesses. Since then, Pitch Creator has expanded to online courses used by colleges/universities, investors, and incubators/accelerators.

Mr. Tagler has 14 years of experience investing in private companies as a growth-equity investor at Camden Partners and has seen over 1,400 founder/CEO pitches. Prior to that, he provided investment banking advisory services to CEOs who were preparing to either sell their companies or take them public through an IPO (initial public offering).

Class Curriculum

  Getting Started Guide For College and University Entrepreneurship Instructors
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days after you enroll
  How the Foundation Course Delivers Value to Instructors and Students
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?
How to use our Foundation Course in your college/university entrepreneurship class (or center) to prepare students for an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank) at the end of the semester.
How will I benefit from this course?
The Foundation Course can provide value to both you and your student entrepreneurs.

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